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The TDS Charitable Foundation delivers its mission through a grant funded programme of activities. Since its inception in 2014, the Foundation has funded a wide range of organisations to help raise the standards of the private rented sector.
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The latest TDS Charitable Foundation projects

Below is an outline of the rounds of bid funding delivered by the Foundation, the organisations which have successfully been awarded funding and the completed projects which have been delivered.
If you would like to view our project archive, click here

Round 16 -  2022 - 2023

The Centre for Sustainable Energy - £41,460

Funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation, The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has launched a new project to support landlords meeting Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations.

After the TDS Charitable Foundation's 2022 survey revealed that many landlords struggle to access information about changing regulations, this project aims to simplify the process, helping landlords understand the regulations and know how to take action to improve their properties, or apply for an exemption. The project includes a website with advice and free telephone helpline for landlords in Bristol, Somerset, and Birmingham. The CSE hopes to expand it's advice service nationally, ultimately helping landlords comply with MEES regulations and improve the energy efficiency of privately rented homes.

Read more about the project here. 

Round 15

The Voice of the Tenant Survey 

The Voice of the Tenant Survey, conducted by the TDS Charitable Foundation, examines the experiences of over 2,000 tenants in England and Wales within the private rented sector. Focusing on affordability, energy efficiency, dispute resolution, and regulatory changes, the survey aims to identify challenges faced by households under the most strain. Data is collected every six months to track changing trends and experiences, with each wave covering an additional topical issue. The 2023 report highlights variations in rental experiences among tenant segments and within the context of regulatory changes, supply and demand pressures, and rising living costs. 

Read the results of the survey here.

Round 14

Round 15 - September 2021

Peterborough Asylum and Refuge Community Association - £9,919

The funding will be used to run training sessions for staff and volunteers to understand the PRS, the rights of the tenants and develop knowledge to support clients more effectively with these issues. A second focus will be a campaign to increase landlords renting to migrants and refugees. 

Round 14 - October 2020

Exeter Private Rental Forum - £9,943.29

Grant funding was used to tackle how tenancies are managed, both in terms of day-to-day physical management throughout the stages of a tenancy, but also to ensure that the paperwork and safeguards of good tenancy management are in place.

Building on training existing letting agents who have attended training on physical defects (in SR4E I), as well as "under the radar" landlords. The training modules are available to the 1,400 HMO licence holders and the 1,200 plus landlords registered to receive the Private Sector Housing newsletter. The training modules can be accessed via the following link:

Centre for Sustainable Energy - £9,985

The funding was used for the ‘Support with MEES’ project which aims to build upon the successes of the previously funded ‘Get Ready for MEES’ project. The project included the delivery of online accessible, interactive, and engaging MEES events.

More information on the TDS Charitable Foundation funded MEES project can be found here

Information for landlords on the MEES regulations can be found here

Manchester CAB - £25,000

The funding has been used for the continuation of the Chatbot project, increasing availability of the product as well as creating a self-contained initial advice chatbot that can easily be ported to any website.

The Chatbot has been successfully added to the central TDS website to assist Agents, Landlords and tenants with queries they may have outside of deposit protection. The TDS chatbot can be accessed via the TDS Information lounge here

Round 13

Round 13 - February 2020

People, Potential, Possibilities - £9,700

The TDS Charitable Foundation projects funding was used to create bite-size videos using plain English, infographics, photography, film and animation. The videos created can be accessed here

The Eye FM - £2,000

The funding is currently being utilised to produce information and advisory bulletins under the title Responsible Renting for tenants and landlords and broadcast these to enhance education.

Round 12

Round 12 - October 2018

Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau - £5,000

Grant funding was used to provide tenancy rights information in five languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Italian, plus English) which was disseminated on direct website as well as partner platforms as part of a week long campaign in February 2019 to raise awareness of tenants’ rights.

South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau

Grant funding was used to continue the previously funded project of an Adviser providing a range of energy efficiency information and advice, including offering free energy efficiency assessments, to low-income households living in private rented properties.

Shropshire Housing Alliance - £5,000

Grant funding was used to host a specific area on the existing website for a bespoke YouTube channel enhancing information in an existing tenant handbook as well as allowing updates to be publicised in real time.

Ulster University Students Union - £5,146

Grant funding was used to train and equip seven Students’ Union Officers, Advice Coordinator, Advice Caseworker and a member of Student Support with the OCN accredited Level 3 Housing Advice Training Programme (HATP). 

CaCHE - £197,014

The UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence [CaCHE] has been funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation and the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust to undertake a 3 year, broad and diverse programme of research on issues relating to developments in, and operation of, the UK private rented sector.

The objective of the programme is to contribute to improving standards in the sector. This aligns with the key charitable objective of both the TDS Charitable Foundation and SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust to raise standards in the private rented sector by advancing education on housing rights and obligations.

The published reports can be found in our Resources centre.

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