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Round 9 - June 2017

Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management

The grant was used to fund a special housing edition of Up Our Street magazine, delivered to 13,000 residences in Easton and Lawrence Hill. A copy of the publication produced can be accessed here:

Community Links Bromley

Funding has been used to create an online toolkit for new tenants entering into the private rented sector in the Borough of Bromley. This is alongside promotional postcards, a communication campaign, a resource for stakeholders and a promotional event for private landlords in the borough.

South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau

The funding was utilised to enable personalised advice appointments for landlords and tenants through the project ‘Sustainable Tenancies’, designed to raise awareness of housing rights & responsibilities with a focus on recent and forthcoming changes in energy regulations.

Father Hudson's Care

The funding was used to develop and extend the ‘Migrant voices, Migrant housing solutions’ project which supports refugees and EU migrants to secure and sustain tenancies and deepening the dialogue between landlords and migrant tenants in Sandwell.  

Centre for Sustainable Energy

The funding allowed CSE to support landlords in the Southwest to better understand their obligations around new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). This was a targeted campaign, publicised to landlords and tenants in F and G-rated properties through targeted mailouts.

Firvale Community Hub

The funding was used to enable work with Slovak Roma families to explain the tenancy agreement and responsibilities of a tenant as well as providing resources. This was alongside a dedicated Housing mediator responding to referrals and resolving conflicts between tenants and landlords and tenants and their neighbours.

Living Options Devon

Grant funding was used to recruit a Deaf person (who uses British Sign Language) to lead the project and create easy to understand information about Housing Rights and Responsibilities in British Sign Language video clips. These informative clips were shared online via website/social media and directly to local Deaf people via email or by DVDs sent through the post.

Newcastle City Council (Private Rented Service)

The funding was used to create a series of short educational films for tenants to help them understand their rights and responsibilities. Topics include understanding an EPC, paying rent and budgeting, reporting repairs and ending your tenancy.

The videos can be accessed here

Avon and Bristol Law Centre (ABLC)

Funding was used to offer weekly, bookable, free, tenancy information sessions supported by volunteer law students.  All questions raised were then used to build a bank of FAQs with matching answers to inform the content of the website.

Ealing Equality Council

The funding was used to extend the successfully delivered and TDS supported tenancy advice and guidance surgeries; twenty four free walk in tenancy guidance and support surgeries from a ‘Pop Up’ location on Haven Green, Ealing Broadway.


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