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Round 8 - February 2017

Propertymark Qualifications

The grant was awarded to support the development and roll out over a 2 year period, of Propertymark Qualifications’ provision to colleges and training providers delivering programmes to learners in full and/or part time education and training, principally those learners aged 16- 19.

Arch (North Staffs) Ltd

A training programme to equip young people for independent living in the private rented sector. The programme was initially introduced as a “train the trainer” initiative, with the TDS funded trainer providing session structure, content, and training to identified teachers to deliver the sessions within schools.  As the project progressed, Arch delivered the sessions directly to students.

Law for Life: the Foundation for Public Legal Education

Funding from TDS allowed Law for Life to produce four short, practical, easy-to-use 'know-hows' and four short films to boost the knowledge, confidence and skills of students, other young people, and potential guarantors. The aim was for users of the guides and films to better understand and deal with the common requirement for a guarantor when renting in the private sector.

The resources created with this funding can be accessed via Advicenow's 'Help for private renters' page here


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