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Round 4 - July 2015

Warrington Youth Club

Grant funding was awarded to Warrington Youth Club for their ‘Positive Life Skills’ programme, helping young care leavers in their transition from carers to an independent lives. The TDS Charitable Foundation grant helped this hard-to-reach group as they prepared for their transition from carers to independent living, providing workshops on their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Young Enterprise and Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG)

This funded project helps young people in their transition into independent living by providing a new financial education teaching resource for 14–19-year-olds.  The resource provides young people with information on the housing market, the options available to young people when they leave home, and the costs they will need to prepare for.

The resources produced can be accessed via our Resources section.

NUS Ready to Rent

Grant funding was awarded to NUS to enable an extension of the Ready to Rent programme. Ready to Rent was originally launched with the support from the Foundation and has become well established as a resource and training provider. This second phase of the project was to embed the learning from, and expand participation in Ready to Rent.  As a result, students’ unions would include the programme in their regular annual training package for students reaching a wider audience over time, including Further Education (FE) students.

Unipol Student Homes

Funding was provided to redevelop the ANUK website (Accreditation Network UK), making the site fit for purpose following changes made to the governance and infrastructure of the organisation.

ANUK promotes landlord accreditation programmes across the UK and the improved website, managed by Unipol, includes a directory of landlord accreditation schemes and downloadable accreditation handbooks. It also contributes towards one of their core aims, in the promotion of proper complaints processes to be transparent, rapid, and known to tenants.


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