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Round 10 - January 2018

Fair Housing for Frome

Grant funding was used to progress six interrelated areas of work: landlords, tenants, lodging, letting agents, making the Frome PRS more transparent & accountable, monitoring evaluating & next steps. Achieved through a range of promotional materials, services, and events

Sutton Borough Citizens Advice Bureau

The grant was utilised to fund a leaflet for tenants in Willesden Green explaining their rights and responsibilities. It was widely distributed to individual renters and used at outreach events in the area. The guide also detailed information on a selective licensing scheme which was due to be introduced in Brent in January 2015.

Refugee Council

Grant funding was used for the London based 'refugee private rented scheme.' Providing advice sessions and group pre-tenancy support to prepare newly recognised refugees for searching, securing, and maintaining tenancies.


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