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Living in the Private Rented Sector in 2023 | The voice of the tenant survey

TDS Charitable Foundation has published the results from a survey carried out with a representative sample of 2,001 tenants living in the private rented sector in England and Wales.

Majority of tenants are happy

The housing research findings show that for many tenants, living in the private rented sector in England and Wales is a positive experience. Most tenants report being satisfied and enjoy positive relationships with their landlord or letting agent. The majority also live in properties that are in good or acceptable condition and leave tenancies of their own accord when their housing needs change.

However, there is a significant minority of tenants who are less positive about their experience of renting privately and who are living in poor quality housing. The findings also suggest that issues related to affordability, accessing the sector and energy efficiency are experienced by a high proportion of tenants.

Housing challenges faced by tenants

Certain groups are disproportionally affected by these housing challenges including families with children, people in receipt of benefits, young people, those living with long-term health issues and minority ethnic communities.

Findings from the housing research survey shows that the shortage of accommodation and affordability pressures influences tenants’ willingness to pursue the legal rights that already exist. Whilst most tenants initially reported problems with their tenancy to their landlord or letting agent, very few raised a complaint with the local authority or other legal body if they were still unhappy with the response.

The findings of this housing research suggest that without proper consideration given to affordability concerns and supply pressures, there is a risk that tenants will be unable and unwilling to access their new rights under the Renters Reform Bill.

Continuous housing research

The survey will be repeated every six months to explore how trends and experiences are changing over time. Each wave will include an additional new topical issue; this wave focuses on tenants’ access to information.

To read the full report, click here.

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