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Round 14 - October 2020

Exeter Private Rental Forum

Grant funding was used to tackle how tenancies are managed, both in terms of day-to-day physical management throughout the stages of a tenancy, but also to ensure that the paperwork and safeguards of good tenancy management are in place.

Building on training existing letting agents who have attended training on physical defects (in SR4E I), as well as "under the radar" landlords. The training modules are available to the 1,400 HMO licence holders and the 1,200 plus landlords registered to receive the Private Sector Housing newsletter. The training modules can be accessed via the following link:

Manchester CAB

The funding has been used for the continuation of the Chatbot project, increasing availability of the product as well as creating a self-contained initial advice chatbot that can easily be ported to any website.

The Chatbot has been successfully added to the central TDS website to assist Agents, Landlords and tenants with queries they may have outside of deposit protection. The TDS chatbot can be accessed via the TDS Information lounge here


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