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TDS Charitable Foundation (TDS CF) Unveils Latest Digest Featuring New and Impactful Projects

In the latest edition of the TDS Charitable Foundation's Charitable Digest, we proudly present the most recent projects awarded funding, showcasing our ongoing commitment to creating positive change in the private rented sector.

Mission and Funding

At the heart of the TDS Charitable Foundation is a commitment to improving the standards of the private rented sector. This mission is primarily carried out through educational initiatives that empower both landlords and tenants with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. We are proud to be primarily funded by donations by The Dispute Service Ltd.

In Scotland, we extend our impact through a partnership with the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust, a sister charity with parallel goals in the Scottish private rented sector.

The Charitable Digest: Themes and Projects

The digest provides a snapshot of the multitude of projects funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation over the last seven years, categorised under four distinct themes:

  1. Tenant Education

  2. Landlord Education

  3. Landlord and Tenant Education

  4. Policy and Research Advisory

Our aim in publishing this digest is to shed light on the work accomplished by the Foundation, unveiling the positive changes brought about through our diverse range of funded activities.

Tenant Education Spotlight: Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association

In September 2021, we granted £9,919 to the Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association (PARCA). This multicultural charitable organisation operates in Greater Peterborough, providing guidance and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, EU migrants, and BAMER communities.

The funding facilitated training sessions for staff and volunteers, focusing on understanding the private rented sector (PRS) and the rights of tenants. The project's success is evident in the six training sessions held from July to December 2022, addressing topics such as advice for those seeking private rented accommodation, and budgeting to prevent rent arrears.

PARCA employed six volunteers proficient in various languages, ensuring the advice reached a broader audience. A total of 266 individuals from diverse backgrounds benefited from the project, emphasising its positive impact on tenant-landlord relationships.

Landlord Education Spotlight: Centre for Sustainable Energy

In October 2022, we awarded £41,460 to the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for a project aimed at supporting landlords in complying with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations.

The project, covering Bristol, Somerset, and Birmingham, provides a website with advice and a free call helpline. With a focus on improving energy efficiency in privately rented homes, the CSE aspires to expand its services nationally.

Landlord and Tenant Education Spotlight: Voice of the Tenant

The Voice of the Tenant Survey, conducted by the TDS Charitable Foundation, offers valuable insights into the experiences of over 2,000 tenants in England and Wales within the private rented sector.

The survey, covering affordability, energy efficiency, dispute resolution and regulatory changes, serves as an effective tool for identifying challenges faced by households today.

With data collected every six months, the survey helps track changing trends and experiences, providing a foundation for targeted improvements in the private rented sector.

TDS Charitable Foundation

As a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation [CIO] with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, our commitment to training and education serves as the cornerstone of our efforts.


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